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A Collage A Day: Sunday

So... yesterday was manic. I didn't manage to make anything yesterday so technically I failed my challenge, but believe me, I did try though! I even took a bunch of collage materials along to the skatepark I took my son to and tried to make something in the cafe! This morning I've been a swot to make up for it and made two collages. 

I set myself this challenge for 7 days in order to get making again, to force myself to take time out of my life and make some art. It's actually amazing how much time and headspace I've managed to create for myself just by rearranging my priorities. I'm going to try and continue for another week, to make something each day, to keep up the momentum and see what happens.

A Collage A Day: Sunday 10:30 am - 12:30pm. 

'Burn Baby Burn' [collage on paper 29x21cm]

'House Beautiful' [paper collage 30x22cm]

Lauren McLaughlin