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34 Reasons Why I Feel Like a Failure

We haven't left the house today. My son is having one of those days where he complains about having to get dressed, and whines when I tell him we should go out. I gave in to him this time, sometimes it's easier to just be like 'fine stay in your pants watching youtube and eating ice poles.'  The reason I was so eager to leave the house in the first place was so that I could escape the mess that has been piling up all week, I want to deal with that later, it's sunny outside - too nice for dishes and laundry. But alas, we are having a home day it seems so on with the housework I went. 

I was having a bit of a 'fail day'. There was nothing in the fridge for lunch, we had run out of toothpaste, a small swiss army knife somehow ended up in the washing machine and loudly banged of the drum for the 45 minute cycle. I smashed my favourite glass. Sol decided he wanted to fill up 20 water balloons in the bathroom sink only to realise that he didn't know how to tie them properly. Facebook gave me some really useful advice such as '20 places you simply must travel to before you turn 21'; '30 reasons eating kale will absolutely find you a husband'.

I realised that I was supposed to be finding any spare moment I had to focus on this residency, which officially started on Monday. So, instead of dishes, cleaning, going out, trying to eat kale or get my son to read the encyclopaedia, I decided to write down all the reasons why I feel like a failure today. 


Lauren McLaughlin